10 Reasons To Lease An Acura

Have you recently had your eyes on a sleek, new Acura vehicle? Frank Leta Acura can help with our leasing program! The Acura Luxury Lease™ process gives you the opportunity to slide behind the wheel of an exceptional vehicle for a monthly payment that still allows you to go out and enjoy life. Take a look at all of the reasons to lease an Acura vehicle below.

Drive a New Acura At Its Prime

Gone are the days of waiting to get behind the wheel of the newest Acura model. When you lease with our Acura finance center in St. Louis you have the flexibility to upgrade to a new model more frequently, meaning you can stay at the forefront of exciting new automotive technology, styling, and performance. Leasing also makes it easier to plan and adapt to life’s unpredictability by giving drivers the option to jump between a larger or smaller vehicle in a shorter timeframe.

Lower Monthly Payments

There are different benefits of leasing your next Acura but by far the biggest advantage of a lease is that it doesn’t require a large down payment or hefty monthly payment.

St. Louis Area Drivers Can Take Advantage of Flexible Lease Terms

With various lease term options from 24 to 60 months, you’re in complete control of your monthly payments and how long your lease runs. No matter if you prefer to drive a new model more often with a shorter plan or pay less with a longer 60-month lease, you can select the right term to fit your lifestyle. Drivers can even eliminate monthly payments with Acura’s One-Pay Leasing program.

Multiple Mileage Options & Loyalty Advantage Program

No matter how many miles you drive, Acura has you covered with a wide range of flexible mileage options and the exclusive Acura Loyalty Advantage program. Drivers can purchase additional miles at signing or take advantage of the loyalty program to drive over or under their contracted miles.

Protect Your St. Louis Ride With A Factory Warranty

Still can’t decide whether to lease or purchase your next Acura with our St. Louis Acura dealership? Drivers can receive the peace of mind they need to lease thanks to Acura’s incredible warranties and renowned reliability.

Automatic Theft & GAP Coverage

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance is just one more way your new Acura is looking out for you. In the event your Acura is stolen or deemed a total loss after an accident, GPA insurance will kick in and cover the difference.

Excessive Wear-and-Use Or Damage Waiver Included

For more opportunities to save, every Acura Luxury Lease™ includes a $750 Excessive Wear-and-Use or Damage Waiver. Loyal clients who purchase or lease their next Acura vehicle may even qualify for an additional waiver on the vehicle they’re turning in, as well.

Consistent Insurance Requirements

Acura Luxury Leases™ have insurance requirements that are consistent with state minimums, which may help lower your insurance payments and make leasing more affordable.

End of Lease Options

Even after your lease is over, Acura still gives you options to extend, purchase your current Acura, or secure a brand-new Acura vehicle with a new lease.

Guaranteed Purchase Price for St. Louis Area Drivers

There are no last-minute surprises if you decide to purchase! Your Acura Luxury Lease™ locks in the end-of-lease purchase price to help protect you against market fluctuations and ensure the price you pay is the one you were quoted at the beginning of your lease.

Get in touch with us at Frank Leta Acura to learn more about the leasing process and how you can get behind the wheel of a brand-new Acura model today!