4 Tire Safety Tips You Should Know

June 3rd, 2016 by
June kicked off with National Tire Safety Week, so we gathered 4 tire safety tips we think you should know, as well as a tire special at both Frank Leta Acura and Frank Leta Honda stores!
So, before you hit the road this summer, make sure you follow these 4 simple tips:
Tip #1: Always be aware of your tread depth. Tread depth effects your stopping distance and how well the tires perform when it comes to handling.
(Not sure how to check your tire tread? Watch our short how-to video!)
Tip #2: Utilize the tread depth indicator. Did you know there is such a thing? This indicator is a rubber line across the tire, which you can see through the tread grooves. When your tire tread wears to this point, you know that the tires are no longer safe to drive on (according to the tire manufacturer).
tread depth indicator
Tip #3: Do not over-inflate or under-inflate your tires. Under-inflating your tires will cause the outer-edge to wear and will have a negative effect on your fuel economy. Over-inflating your tires will cause center-tread wear, and puts them at a larger risk of suddenly rupturing. Both of these no-no’s will drastically effect the lifespan of your tires.
Tip #4: Educate yourself on your tire brand. Various retailers will sell you tires that appear to be the same as those sold at the dealership, however, these “one-size-fits-all” tires that the independent shops sell you are not the same. The tires sold to you at the dealership are made specifically for your brand and are best for your vehicle.
As promised, we have a tire special for you! From now until the end of June (6/30/16), you can get one free tire with the purchase of three–simply ask your service rep for more details.
Have a service-related question? Email cfiles@frankleta.com and we may feature your question in an upcoming blog!


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