5 Tips: How To Reach 6-Figures Successfully (Mileage, That Is)

October 13th, 2015 by

5 Tips

Investing in a luxury car, as you do when purchasing an Acura, requires caring for that vehicle. By taking care of your vehicle, you can ensure that you’ll get the most life out of your car—potentially driving it upwards of 200,000 miles. But what do you need to do? Here are 5 easy tips to follow…

1. Tend to your transmission. Having to replace your transmission can be quite costly. Part of making sure your transmission is in good condition is checking the fluid level. In some cases, manufacturer’s consider their fluid good for a lifetime. To be on the safe side, we recommend replacing the fluid by 100K miles or sooner.

2. Switch to synthetic. It may be easier to choose the cheaper oil when bringing your car in for your routine oil change, but choosing the synthetic version is not only better for your engine, but it’s the manufacturer’s recommendation—especially for those turbocharged or supercharged.

3. Look. Listen. Linger. About once a week, take a walk around your car and look for anything unusual. By doing this, you can avoid small problems that could get you into trouble, like a burned out taillight. Second, listen to your car. Does your engine make a weird noise when you accelerate? Chances are you need to take it in for a check up. Lastly, linger under your hood. Does your oil smell? Burnt, even? Your engine may not be using enough fuel.

4. Clean with care. Taking care of the outside of your car can be just as important as taking care of the inside, since road salts and other environmental factors can chip away at your paint job. Furthermore, by washing your car (and washing your car yourself), you’ll be more apt to notice smaller issues that could lead to bigger ones—like a cracked headlight or missing valve stem cap.

5. Simply put: Be a regular. Nothing can guarantee your car will stand the test of time quite like routine maintenance can. How often should you bring it in? Simply call our Frank Leta service department or check your owner’s manual to find out what’s recommended for your model.

Have other questions about maintaining your car? Email cfiles@frankleta.com and we’ll feature and answer your question in an upcoming blog!


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