Certified Used Acuras: What Are They?

March 16th, 2017 by

You hear the term “certified”, but what does it mean? Is there a benefit to buying certified versus uncertified? The answer is quite simple: Yes, there is a great advantage to buying certified. At Frank Leta, in order for a vehicle to pass the test and be crowned “certified”, it must meet the following criteria:

Certified used Acuras in St. Louis, MO checklist

Young bird. The vehicle must be 5 years old or younger.

Not a world traveler. The car must have 80,000 miles on it or fewer.

No baggage. No major accidents, frame damage, airbag deployment or branded/salvage title.

Authentic to the core. The car will not contain any aftermarket parts–strictly parts from the car manufacturer only.

No bumps or bruises. Certified cars must have no major physical damage to the car.

Matchy matchy. All four tires must match.

Passed the interview process. All certified vehicles must pass a 182-point inspection and have had recent maintenance completed.

Want some bonus features? All certified cars also come with an extra 12 month/12K mile new car limited warranty, as well as a 7 year/100K power train warranty (versus the 6 year/70k).

Finding our Acura dealership in St. Louis, MO

So you’ve decided you’d like to check out our certified used Acuras, but now what? You can swing by the dealership whenever you’d like to take a look at and test drive your car of choice. We’re easily accessible to everyone as we’re located right off of highway 270 and Tesson Ferry Road (just East of 270).

If you’d like to set up an appointment prior to coming in, you can do that too. Simply send a message to our Concierge and they’ll get an appointment set up for a time that works best for you.

Have additional questions? Email cfiles@frankleta.com and I’ll feature your question in an upcoming blog or video!