My Recent Leasing Experience

April 1st, 2016 by

Leasing Experience

The leasing experience was totally foreign to me. I had only purchased in the past, so I knew nothing about leasing a car. I didn’t know any of the benefits, I didn’t know if it was the right option for me, and, as we all know, the unknown is a little scary.

When I weighed my options, I decided a lease was the way to go. The big draw for me was knowing that I get to drive a new car every 3 years. Who wouldn’t want that?? For me and my family’s needs, we knew an SUV was a must, so that narrowed it down to either the RDX or MDX. Since we didn’t need the 3rd row seats, we decided on the RDX.

Our product specialist, Jared, was so informative and helpful throughout the process. I had my 8-month old with me, and if you’ve ever taken a baby anywhere in public, you know that it’s always a gamble. Jared was respectful of my time and got straight down to what I needed to know.

He presented the RDX and discussed the different packages in a way that made sense to me. Now that I am a mom, safety is of utmost importance to me, so when I heard about all of the safety features the advanced package offered, I knew that was the way to go. (Features like Lane Keep Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control make it pretty much impossible for me to be a bad driver–bonus points).

Once we decided on the 2016 RDX with the advanced package, Jared gathered our leasing information and presented us with what our monthly payment would be–down to the cent. Then the car was ordered within minutes (I wanted a black exterior with black interior, which wasn’t on the lot, hence the ordering)!

I was given an update on when the car was built and shipped, and was impressed by the continuous communication from the dealership. When I got the exciting call that the car arrived, my husband and I headed to the store to pick it up (it was like Christmas all over again).

We were greeted by Tim, the in-house Farmer’s Insurance rep, who was as friendly as can be. He sat down with us to present the insurance quote that he could offer, and even took a look at our existing plan to explain our current coverage (something our insurance agency at the time never even did). Regardless of whether or not you choose to purchase through Farmer’s, it was refreshing to have someone explain our current plan to us in terms that we understood, with no pressure sale along with it.

The final step of the process was sitting down to sign the paperwork with Mike in finance. He kept things casual and laid back, letting us know that if we had any questions at all, to please ask. He knew we were approaching dinner time, and could probably hear my husband’s stomach growling, so he made the process go as quickly as possible.

Before we drove off the lot, Jared sat down in the car with us to go over all of the technology and various features, while answering any random (and probably silly) questions I had…

Me: “How do I turn on the wipers?”

Jared: “You actually don’t have to. The car automatically does that for you when it senses rain.”

Me: “Come again?”

Once I couldn’t think of any other ‘I’m new to this’ questions, we were on our merry way! I honestly had no idea the process would be so simple. I always assumed leasing a car would require me signing away my first born child after 11 hours of back and forth negotiation, but it was quite the contrary. From start to finish, we were in and out within about 2 hours (did I mention I had a lot of silly questions?).

Leasing Experience

To top it all off, I received a phone call from Jared two days later just checking in to see how everything was going and whether or not I had any other questions about the car. That may seem like a small gesture to the dealership, but honestly, that thoughtfulness stuck with me for the rest of the day.

I love my Acura. Every time I walk up to it and hear my door automatically unlock when I touch the handle, I giggle like a preteen. It’s pretty telling when you actually look forward to running errands. If you’re in the market for a new car, I can promise you that you’ll enjoy your experience working with the guys here.

I am now officially part of the Frank Leta family, and let me tell you, I feel the love.

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