Non-Commissioned Sales Staff: An Insider’s Perspective

December 28th, 2015 by

Non-Commissioned Sales Staff

Pressure: the word that makes everyone cringe. Whether it’s a deadline at work, a presentation at school, or your day-to-day appearance–we all feel pressure in various forms on a daily basis.

Going out to shop for a new car should be a lot of things: fun, exciting, informative, but never pressured. Sadly, the latter is what most people are left feeling.

This frustrated us in a big way, therefore, we felt compelled to do something about it.

Introducing: Non-Commissioned Product Specialists.

We know this is completely unconventional, and may even be hard to believe, but we’ve made the switch and we’re not looking back.

Our customers continually tell us how appreciative they are of this change in the car buying process, but they aren’t the only ones who are excited about the switch.

I sat down with our Product Specialists themselves to hear how no longer working on commission has changed their daily work.

Here is what they said…

Q. What difference do you see with customers now that you’re a noncommissioned product specialist, as opposed to being commission-based before?

“The first difference I see is the surprised look on their face when I tell them I’m noncommissioned.” -Jared

“I feel customers let their guard down a little faster and feel free to ask more car related questions.” -Kyle

“The customers seem surprised when I tell them my role, and seem to feel more at ease. They know that I am not going to try and push them into a vehicle that doesn’t suit their needs and are more willing to listen to the differences.” -Dan

“I think the customers are put at ease knowing that our staff is here purely to help them find the right vehicle.” -Blake

Q. What do you feel is the benefit to having non-commissioned sales employees?

“The employees are more focused on the product and not commission.” -Kyle

“No pressure. I don’t feel pressured, which translates to the customer.” -Jared

“It is all for the customer’s benefit. The customers do not have to immediately build a wall of defense. It is a much calmer and enjoyable interaction.” -Blake

“The benefit is definitely that the sales team remains objective when assisting customers with their purchase experience.” -Dan

Q. When a customer steps into the showroom or onto the lot, what can they expect now?

“That their time will be used properly and efficiently.” -Blake

“They can expect the best car buying experience they have ever had.” -Jared

“They can expect to be listened to as we aim to make their experience as consultive as possible for as long as they own the vehicle.” -Dan

“They can expect to be treated with a high level of respect and for us to focus on their needs as a client for their entire purchase experience.” -Kyle

Q. How does being non-commissioned benefit the job you do?

“There is less to worry about in regards to what car is being sold, and allows us to focus more on meeting the customer’s needs.” -Dan

“It has simplified things, letting us concentrate on learning everything about our vehicles.” -Jared

Q. Do you think the customers understand and appreciate the fact that you don’t work off of commission?

“There is still a stigma about car salesmen in general, so it takes a little time for them to see and feel the difference, but in the end they seem to appreciate the difference.” -Jared

“I believe they do. You can see it in their eyes once you tell them. They look much more relaxed.” -Blake

Q. Is there anything else you would like the consumer to know regarding this shift from commission-based to non-commissioned?

“They should know that we are focused on them and our only job is to find them the right car, make sure we do a great job presenting the car and showing it’s features, and being an expert at product knowledge.” -Kyle

“This is going to make car buying fun again!” -Jared

“I’d like the customers to know that this is something we are doing for them. I want them to know that we are making a dedicated attempt at making the car buying process enjoyable for everyone, because we love what we do and we want them to love doing business with us as well.” -Dan

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