Our Mission

Our Mission is to establish the benchmark for excellence in our industry by providing an exceptional vehicle purchase and ownership experience for our clients, fulfilling careers for our team, and generous support for our community.

For Our Clients

We are here to provide an exceptional vehicle ownership experience, beginning at the moment they inquire about a vehicle purchase. Buying a vehicle is not normally enjoyable. It’s unfortunately seen as quite the opposite for most buyers. The research, test drives, price haggling….it’s all an unavoidable inconvenience leading up to the eventual moment of joy when you drive a new vehicle off a dealership’s lot. Unlike many more traditional dealerships, we operate to maximize the convenience to the client, the transparency of our vehicle pricing, and the efficiency of the purchase process.Servicing a vehicle is not normally enjoyable either. We remove the hassles from this experience as well by offering many conveniences (loaner vehicles, shuttles, and a quick service department), a knowledgeable and trustworthy staff, and very competitive prices on all services.

We realize that we are nothing more than a service company, and that our point of differentiation from our competition is the quality and extent of our client support. Our clients can get the same great vehicles, parts, and labor from our competitors who sell the same brand. They come to us because they have come to expect highest level of service in our market, and we must deliver nothing less. By abiding by our core values, we can be sure that we will consistently deliver such an experience to our clients.

For Our Team

Our mission is to provide a fulfilling career for every member. We understand that no two people have identical goals or definitions of success. That is why our management team strives to learn each member’s unique goals for themselves and helps them deliver on it. Our job as leaders of the company is to help each person realize their full potential and help them become productive contributors to our collective success. We know that many people have ambitions higher than the position they currently hold. This is the reason you rarely will ever see a Frank Leta job advertisement in search for a high level or management position. We don’t want to hire our high level staff or our managers, rather we want to promote them. By committing to this practice of “growing our own” management team, we do a great service not only to our entry level team members in search of opportunity, but also to our clients by establishing stability and trust. There is no quick way to establish trust with our team members or clients. It takes a long history of doing the right things. It takes years to develop trust, and yet seconds to destroy it. Because we value our team and our clients, we believe in hiring at the entry level and developing our team for higher positions within the company. By the time we are in need of hiring a higher level position, we simply look at the willing and capable candidates looking for an opportunity. Instead of hiring a true stranger who answers an ad, we have a great pool of individuals about whom we know their habits, teamwork, personality, punctuality, work ethic and other qualities that are vital in higher level positions. Those are the individuals that we want to interact with our clients because those are the individuals who have earned our trust and will most likely earn that of our clients.We also understand that a fulfilling career takes more than a great paycheck at work. Frank Leta Automotive respects the time of our team members both on and off the clock. We know that most people do not live to work, but rather they work to live. By providing the most pleasant and enjoyable working environment possible, we are able to provide a more enjoyable and fulfilling personal life. By offering upward mobility in their career, helping them to achieve their professional potential, and providing them with a great working environment, our team members can enjoy a fulfilling career within the Frank Leta Automotive Family.

Finally, we realize that not every team member will find a fulfilling career with us. Sometimes our dealership or our industry is simply not a fit for everyone. When someone works for us but then leaves the company on good terms, we consider them alumni. Our hope is that they learned a valuable skill during their time with us that will better prepare them to find a fulfilling career with another company.

For Our Community

Part of our mission as a business is to positively impact the lives of those in our community. The Leta family and our team members are fortunate to have had opportunities in life that enabled them to learn the necessary skills to secure stable employment.  We know that there are many members of our community that have not had these opportunities, and our goal is to take our area of expertise and give back to a community that has allowed us to exist and thrive for so many years. With this goal in mind, we formed the Frank Leta Charitable Foundation in 2013 with the mission of providing safe and reliable transportation to those in need.  To learn more about what we do, click here.