Acura Brake Warning Signs

Acura brake pads

You may think of your car as a way to get moving, but it’s crucial to remember that stopping power is just as important. You count on your brakes to give you the stopping power and control that you depend on, and the team at our St. Louis Acura service center can ensure that your brakes, rotors, and braking system are all up to snuff.

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Checking and servicing your brakes in keeping with Acura’s recommended service intervals is a great first step, but it’s also important to keep an eye–and an ear–out for warning signs that your brakes are due for service.

Dashboard Lights

This one may seem obvious, but many drivers have selective vision when it comes to the lights on your dashboard. You should always consult your owner’s manual when a new light illuminates on your dashboard, and brake or ABS lights are no exception. These could indicate low brake pressure, low brake fluid, or a problem with your car’s anti-lock brake system (ABS), so be sure to have them checked by a professional at Frank Leta Acura right away.

Brake warning lights

Squeaks, Squeals, and Grinding

Most modern brake pads are equipped with indicator tabs, which are designed to rub against the rotor and emit a high pitched squeaking or whining sound when the brake pads get low. If you notice squeaks or squeals while braking, it’s time to schedule a brake replacement. At our St. Louis service center, we carry out replacements using OEM quality brake pads and rotors to ensure a factory fit.

Once that squeaking gives way to a grinding sound, it means that one or more of your brake pads has worn out and the backing is being ground into the rotor when you apply the brakes. This not only causes more damage that will need to be addressed, but can also cause a loss of stopping power. Grinding sounds when braking should never be ignored, and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Shaking and Vibrations

If you notice some added motion when applying the brakes, it’s a good indication that your brakes are due for some professional attention. This might take the form of the whole car vibrating when you stop or slow down, or it can also be localized to the brake pedal itself when you press it. In either case, you should have your car’s brakes checked right away.

Do these signs sound all too familiar? Your car’s stopping power is too important to ignore these warning signs, and the team at Frank Leta Acura can help. For more information, or to schedule a service appointment that’s convenient for you, be sure to contact us by calling (314) 828-4990 today.

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