What Does Acura’s A1 vs. B1 Maintenance Notifications Mean?

August 30th, 2019 by

You’re driving to work, get stuck in traffic (of course), and then it happens–your dash lights up with a mysterious alpha-numeric notification. “What does this mean? Is my tire flat? Did my transmission go out? Is my car about to blow up? Help!” Panic ensues (not really, but it makes for a decent story).

If you’re wondering how to decipher what that little service indicator is telling you, wonder no more. We’re going to break it down for you!

 A VS. B

The letter A indicator simply means that your engine oil needs replaced. Easy peasy. The letter B indicator means a bit more service is needed, including: replacing the engine oil, replacing the oil filter, inspecting the front and rear brakes (as well as the parking brake adjustment), and checking the fluid levels, exhaust system, brake hoses, driveshaft boots, fuel lines, suspension components, steering gearbox, tie rod ends, and the expiration date for the tire repair kit (among other things).

Number Indicators

Now, you’ll see any number between one and six with the alpha indicators. “1” means your tires need to be rotated. “2” means you need to replace your air cleaner element, dust and pollen filter, and get your drive belt inspected. “3” is telling you to replace your transmission fluid, while “4” indicates your spark plugs and timing belt need to be replaced, while your water pump and valve clearance need inspected. “5” simply means your engine coolant needs replaced and “6” indicates your rear differential fluid needs replaced.

Hopefully this helped clear up any confusion (or mid-drive panic!) when that inevitable light pops on, but if you ever have any questions about the service indicators in your vehicle, feel free to call our service department or schedule an appointment using our online scheduler.

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