Which Gas / Oil Does the Acura TLX Use?

Acura TLX Inventory Near St. Peters

With a name like Acura, St. Peters area drivers know they can always count on their Acura TLX luxury vehicle to deliver a flawless performance each and every time they slide behind the wheel. Drivers will, of course, need to provide their Acura with the proper fuel to get the most out of every mile, but exactly which type of gas and oil should they use in their TLX model? Allow us to explain.

Experience Thrilling Performance Near St. Peters From Your Acura TLX

Your Acura TLX luxury sedan is among the most advanced and well-equipped midsize luxury cars in its segment and, as such, deserves luxury treatment. The next time you’re at the pump, our Acura dealer serving St. Peters recommends you fill up your Acura TLX with unleaded premium gasoline that is 91 octane or higher to ensure the best performance possible. Acura also recommends fueling your ride with top tier detergent gasoline when available. This type of quality fuel contains detergent additives that help prevent buildup in the fuel system and engine, and can even extend the life of your engine!

While your Acura owners manual warns again using gasoline that contains more than 15% ethanol, methanol, or MMT as it can harm your luxury sedan, drivers can still power their TLX with lower grade regular gasoline if they find themselves in an emergency. It’s important to note that choosing to fill your TLX with a lower octane gas will decrease your vehicle’s performance levels and result in engine knocking, so take it slow until you can fill up with the proper fuel.

When it comes to oil, Acura TLX owners should use Premium-grade 0W-20 detergent oil with the API Certification seal and Genuine Acura Motor Oil branding for peak performance.

Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Frank Leta Acura for more information or if you have questions about maximizing your Acura vehicle’s performance.

Acura TLX Inventory Near St. Peters